1. Introduction

Thank you for purchasing Bizzapp HTML mobile app template. Before you get started, please be sure to always check out these documentation files. We outline all kinds of good information, and provide you with all the details you need know to use Bizzapp template.

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Head section

                Bizapp Mobile
Top Header

2. Structure

Files and Directory Structures

Under assets folder file Includes

  • Css FolderIncludes all the css files found in this template.
  • Images FolderThis includes all the images found in this template
  • Fonts FolderThis includes all the fonts found in this template
  • JS FolderIncludes all the jquery scripts you will find.

Page Templates

  • Homepageindex.html
  • About Usabout-us.html
  • Blogblog.html
  • Blog Post Listingblog-post.html
  • Accordioncomponent-accordion.html
  • Bootstrap 4 Actionscomponent-action.html
  • Alert Boxcomponent-alert.html
  • Badgescomponent-badge.html
  • Buttonscomponent-button.html
  • Cardscomponent-card.html
  • Carouselcomponent-carousel.html
  • Chat Boxcomponent-chat.html
  • Checkboxcomponent-chekbox.html
  • Chipscomponent-chip.html
  • Columnscomponent-column.html
  • Content boxcomponent-contentbox.html
  • Dropdownscomponent-dropdown.html
  • Footer Designscomponent-footer.html
  • Gridcomponent-grid.html
  • Header Designcomponent-header.html
  • Iconscomponent-icon.html
  • Input Textcomponent-input.html
  • Listviewcomponent-listview.html
  • Modal Dialog Boxcomponent-modal.html
  • Notificationscomponent-notification.html
  • Preloaderscomponent-preloader.html
  • Progress barcomponent-progressbar.html
  • Radio Buttonscomponent-radio.html
  • Componentscomponent.html
  • Searchcomponent-search.html
  • Slidercomponent-slider.html
  • Splashcomponent-splash.html
  • Tabscomponent-tab.html
  • Tablescomponent-table.html
  • Timelinecomponent-timeline.html
  • Toastcomponent-toast.html
  • Togglecomponent-toggle.html
  • Tooltipcomponent-tooltip.html
  • Typographycomponent-typography.html
  • Contact Uscontact.html
  • Faqfaq.html
  • Forgot Passwordforgot-password.html
  • Gallerygallery.html
  • Listing Pagehotels-listing.html
  • Loginlogin.html
  • Navigationsnavigations.html
  • Registerregister.html
  • Settingssettings.html
  • 404404.html

Important: template support is provided to help with any issues, such as bugs or incompatabilities of the template purchased as well as any futher explanation of a function if you have not quite understood something here in the documentation file. template support does not include any sort of customizations for you or your client, so please try and refrain from opening tickets with these requests. Thanks!

3. CSS Includes

Cascading Stylesheet

Bizzapp Admin template has following stylesheets. All the css are well documented.
  • Main template cssstyle.css
  • Bootstrap cssbootstrap.min.css
  • Image Slider Min cssowl.carousel.min.css
  • Image Slider Default cssowl.theme.default.css
  • Font Icons cssfont-awesome.min.css
  • Font Icons cssionicons.min.css
  • Lightbox Gallery csslightgallery.css

4. Credits

5. Changelog

Version 1.0.0

August 12, 2020

Initial Release

6. Components

Add the alert-link class to any links inside the alert box to create "matching colored links".

Success! You should read this message.
Info! You should read this message.
Warning! You should read this message.
Danger! You should read this message.
Primary! You should read this message.
Secondary! You should read this message.
Dark! You should read this message.
Light! You should read this message.

Small count and labeling component.

Example heading New

Example heading New

Example heading New

Example heading New
Example heading New

Example heading New

Example heading New

Example heading New

Example heading New

Example heading New
Example heading New

Use Bootstrap’s custom button styles for actions in forms, dialogs, and more with support for multiple sizes, states, and more.

Button Colors
Button Sizes

Bootstrap’s cards provide a flexible and extensible content container with multiple variants and options.

Card title

Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.

Go somewhere

Card title

This is a wider card with supporting text below as a natural lead-in to additional content. This content is a little bit longer.

Last updated 3 mins ago

Card title

Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.

Go somewhere

Examples and usage guidelines for form control styles, layout options, and custom components for creating a wide variety of forms.

Form Group
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Input Sizes
Input Group
Custom Inputs
List Group

List groups are a flexible and powerful component for displaying a series of content. Modify and extend them to support just about any content within.

  • Cras justo odio
  • Dapibus ac facilisis in
  • Morbi leo risus
  • Porta ac consectetur ac
  • Vestibulum at eros

Bootstrap custom progress bars featuring support for stacked bars, animated backgrounds, and text labels.


Custom Bootstrap tooltips with CSS and JavaScript using CSS3 for animations and data-attributes for local title storage.


One way to initialize all tooltips on a page would be to select them by their data-toggle attribute: